Croatia In May

If you are looking for a spring  getaway, Croatia in may is perfect!

Croatia in  may provides an affordable and picturesque escape for everyone. Historically rich, culturally diverse and very safe, makes Croatia in may a true gem to discover on holiday!

Weather in Croatia In May: Affordable Getway

May is one of the most beautiful months to visit Croatia. Croatia beaches in may are almost empty  and you can easily find your spot under the sun. The early summer month have pleasant and mild weather. In Croatia in may temperatures starts to get high again, which is perfect for open activities. Average daily maximum is around 22°C with lot of sunshine, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen with you. Wondering if you can swimm in Croatia in may? Well, sea temperature in Croatia in may is around 19°C , so if you like crystal clear, refreshing water, don’t hesitate to dive in.

Croatia in early may is pretty much affordable for various budgets. Accommodation or transport costs are lower than in high season. You can catch a lot of hotel deals for good money. But prices in late may are slowly changing so be aware. Also, if you’re planning to visit some of the  islands, bear in mind that ferries become more frequent last weekend of may. You can be more flexible with your itinerary  in Croatia in late may. Croatia beaches in early may are still not crowded, and are pretty much enjoyable for sunbathing or other sea activities.  First thing to know is that Croatia doesn’t have plenty of sandy beaches. The closest you’re going to see is a fine shingle, or smooth pebbles or rocks. But if you’re into sandy beaches, we’d recommend Queen’s Beach in Nin,  Bačvice beach in Split or Rajska beach in Lopar (island Rab). 

Things To Do In Croatia In May

Wondering what to do in Croatia in may? Keep reading ’cause we got some diverse ideas. Mostly known for it’s beautiful coastline, Croatia in may is ideal time to visit all those picturesque and small sea cities before peak crowds arrive. With plenty of rugged coastline and karst mountains, you got lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. Croatia in may offers you cycling, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, ziplining, trekking, water sport activities etc. If you’re into rock climbing or caving, don’t miss NP Paklenica, the most popular climbing spot in all of Southern Europe. In the same county, you can get more adrenaline from water rafting in the Zrmanja or Una river. Nearby Split region offers you canyoning at Cetina river, and adventurous hiking & trekking through Biokovo mountain, Hvar, Brač or Vis island. Here is one important tip for you: don’t wear flip flops if going hiking. In Istria you can enjoy cycling through less inhabited areas, vineyards or olive grows. Kite-boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, sailing, sea kayaking etc. is popular throughout the coastline. Slavonia region is perfect for all those eager for good food and wine. In fact, this is where some of Croatia’s greatest wine-makers and largest wine exporters are based. Don’t forget to visit some of the numerous of national parks in Croatia in may!

Party In Croatia In May

For party lovers, Croatia in may is an ideal spring destination and it has become one of the most favorable places for youth.  First reason is festivals of course, and the second is affordable prices. Some of the best DJ-s in Europe are performing at festivals at the famous Zrće beach or at the Sea Star Festival in Umag. Almost all festivals held in Croatia are very highly regarded by music press and by visitors. Festivals are ideal in Croatia in may due to warm weather, so most of the youth is familiar with island Pag and its most famous clubs: Papaya, Aquarius and Noa. If you wonder why Zrće beach is called ”Adriatic Ibiza”, we recommend you to check it for yourself.  Little more on the south of Adriatic, is Hvar Island. Popular party center that never sleeps. Famous for its clean sea, beautiful beaches and cut out beach parties from which you will bring unforgettable memories home. Zagreb as capital offers diverse parties, live performances and festivals, not only in may, but throughout the whole year.  In Croatia in may you can find some luxury accommodation to rent with lot of content, privacy and peace for your own private parties.

Family Activity Holiday In Croatia In May

It can be fun to travel with children, right? Well maybe, if you plan things well, so keep an eye on the text. You can enjoy family activities during your holidays because Croatia in may has a lot to offer. As we already said, may is very affordable in Croatia, and you can find a lot of family oriented hotels for a fair price. Not only resorts have lower prices, you can also find fair price tours, group activities, fun parks or paddle board tours. Explore on foot, by bike, on an SUP board; whatever you decide we’re pretty much sure you whole family will have a great time! Croatia in may with its mild weather offers you and your family snorkeling in clear sea, day or night sea kayaking, windsurfing. Mountain bikes, buggy safari,  jet ski rides or ziplines are waiting for those families hungry of adrenaline. If your children are history enthusiasts, then a private city tour with licence guides is ideal for them. They can learn a lot about city history and heritage in a unique and fun way. Croatia has lot to offer for all ages, you just need to find what suits you perfectly for your family holiday in Croatia in may.

How Many Days You Should Spend In Croatia In May: Itinerary

Even though Croatia is a small country, there are plenty of things to see and do. For most travelers spending a week in Croatia in may is a great choice. In a week you can visit all the Croatian highlights like capital Zagreb, Istria, NP Plitvice, Zadar, Split, Trogir, NP Krka, Hvar, Korčula and Dubrovnik. Week in Croatia in may is enough to turn off from the highway route and enjoy a scenic coastal drive along the sea. Let’s imagine that you land in Dubrovnik airport, and Dubrovnik is the first spot for your Croatian adventure to start. Take the first day to relax and wander the stone streets. On day two, your walking tour guide will take you to visit Rector’s Palace, the church of St. Blaise and city walls. Take a trip to beautiful Elafiti Island, Koločep, Pelješac peninsula, as well as Ston and Korčula for your third and fourth day. On the fifth day make your way to Split and Krka National Park. Make a night walk throughout Zadar, and on the sixth day start your tour in National Park Plitvice Lakes. After Plitvice Lakes drive to Istria. Spend the next two days exploring  charming hilltop villages and bigger cities like Pula or Rovinj. Last day of your Croatian adventure finish in Zagreb.

Check some of these itineraries for 10 days or for 5 days. Click on the links:

Highlights Of Croatia: Best Places To Visit In Croatia In May

Dubrovnik is a Croatian star, home to many historical buildings. With its scenic and cultural heritage, in the last couple of years it became destination no.1 in the film industry. For Game of Thrones fans, you can easily book a private movie tour. Visiting Croatia in may, Dubrovnik must be on the bucket list because it’s still not crowded and you can freely wander among streets rich with history. Although Dubrovnik is far on the south, you can easily come by flight due to the  nearby airport. But we recommend to drive to Dubrovnik because of the breathtaking view to the croatian coastline.

Split, Dalmatian capital rich in history and heritage. Central spot to visit surrounding islands like Brač, Hvar, Šolta, Vis etc.

Istria is a truly breathtaking region. Known for its medieval hilltop villages, nature, excellent food and wines. Bear in  mind that you’re going to need a couple of days to visit and experience Istria. With its numerous hotel complexes, it’s an ideal destination for family holiday in Croatia in may. You can get the most of the family activity holidays here.

NP Brijuni is a group of islands of untouched nature, rich in natural and historical heritage. Outstanding natural beauty makes them very popular destionation in Croatia in may!

NP Plitvice Lakes, with Dubrovnik, are the most visited part of Croatia. Won’t tell you much because the best is to come and feel it by yourself. Wondering when it’s the best time to visit?  Definitely in may! Not crowded, it’s the peak of the spring, and scenery is one of the best experiences for all nature lovers.

NP Krka is a real gem in the central Dalmatia. It’s second most visited national park in Croatia. Incredible nature makes it a must for your Croatia in may itinerary.

Zagreb, capital of Croatia, great place to start or to finish your Croatia in may adventure. Zagreb is the cultural and political heart of Croatia and largest city. You can find best museums, shopping, dining or cafe culture here.

Park of nature Kopački rit is the largest European wetland  and the most valuable zoological reserve in Croatia. It is a paradise for hundreds of  birds species, deers and other mammals. A source of many attractions, it is a place for rest and for recreation. Guessing already when is the perfect time for a visit? In may of course!

Zadar In May

Zadar, with its favorable geographical position, has a mild climate and a lot of sunny days in May. It’s  situated between fournational parks and three parks of nature in Croatia. Because of that, it became the main starting point for the national parks tours. This open-air musem  is located on the end of a low-lying peninsula. You can feel the real Mediterranean way of living here. Zadar in may might be the best reason to visit this part of  Croatia in may. Spring is something really special here. Streets are much more vivid and people are zestful and vivacious. Many more concerts, festivals, activities are starting  from early may.

Zadar city market and Fish market are one of the most important traditional places of urban life in Zadar. It became one of the city’s identity, where you can find fresh local vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese, eggs or fish. It’s a unique place where you can meet people of Zadar region, the ones from the hinterland or the ones from the islands, pensioners and as well the tourists. Zadar’s market in may has a lot of seasonal greenery like asparagus, tomatoes, zucchini, chard, cauliflower etc. which is used in the local restaurants. Its gastronomic offer is various; from fish, meat, vegan, gluten free to halal certificate restaurants. Wandering through the city’s streets you can find leading restaurants, taverns, charming bistros or street food vendors. Combination of  good food, specialties, a good glass of wine and a host who will accommodate you with gusto presents Zadar’s gastronomic offer. Important to mention is that the  Zadar region has awarded wineries and olive oil producers. You can find a lot of cheese, wine or olive oil routes along the Zadar region.

As much as we love people, we love pets too! That’s why the Zadar region is the perfect holiday  destination for you and your pets. Zadar has  pet friendly parks and a pet friendly beach in the narrower core of the city.

If you decide to visit Zadar by boat or to book a sailing cruise in Croatia in may, you will enjoy the unique labyrinth of  islands big and small ones, stretching across the Adriatic sea. Numerous islands are hiding beautiful bays, caves and beaches. A day only has 24 hours, but how many beautiful memories you can pack in that time is completely up to you. Start your travel adventure in Croatia in may!

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