June in Croatia

June in Croatia, perfect pre season time before tourist crush!

The best invitation to book your holidays in June in Croatia  are; sea, sun and vitamnin D which are getting higher and higher in June! Know everything you need to know before the holidays!

Temperatures in Croatia in June

Is June a perfect month to plan your vacation in Croatia? The temperatures in June range from 22 to 27 degrees so you’ll get plenty of warmth and sunshine! Temperatures are  not too hot or too cool to spend your whole day outside. As you go to the south, temperatures are getting higher. During the day you’ll need a t-shirt and shorts, but bring some warm clothes too for the night as the temperatures are dropping slightly in the evening. Don’t forget your sunglasses too, because Croatia in June has 9 hours of sunshine from the 15 hours of daylight each day. The sun sets around 20:30h, so plan your activities to the fullest! Sea temperatures in June in Croatia are around  22 degrees. Perfect to cool you down after exploring beautiful ancient cities. Did you know that island Hvar is the sunniest place not only in Croatia, but in Europe too? It has 2760 hours of sunshine per year and 115 sunny days in a year! This beautiful island has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast, so if you’re planning to visit Croatia in June, don’t miss the sunniest island!

Croatia Beaches In June: Top Beraches

Weather in June in Croatia is finally hot enough for a nice swim in the crystal clear sea. Sea is warm enough, days are longer, the sun is shining and the weather is calling you to explore all known and not so known beaches, bays and islands. Start your holidays in June in Croatia on one of the sunniest islands in Europe, island Hvar. Most of the beaches there are pebble beaches, surrounded by fragrant pine forests. We can’t mention only one beach on the island Hvar, so we’ll recommend a few: Dubovica Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, beach Pokonji Dol, Beach Prapatna, Beach Skala or Beach Zaraće. On the nearby island Brač is Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn Beach). Due to the unique shape of a sickle, it is a world popular destination.

On the south of Croatia, in Dubrovnik at Banje Beach, you can rest at the fine light pebble beach and in the turquoise sea colors with wonderful views of the historic old town.

Under the Biokovo Mountain is Punta Rata Beach which was listed among 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Nearby is the most common motif from postcards of  Brela, the rock covered in pines proudly protruding and presenting all its beauty and force, power and spite to grow from stone.

Zadar Region boasts the best sandy beach in Croatia. Sakarun Beach has extraordinary beauty; a white sand and also the Caribbean blue sea colors. It is called Croatian Hawaii. Whenever you visit Sakarun Beach, it is extraordinary beautiful, but we would recommend to put it on your bucket list in June in Croatia.

When mentioning Hawaii, we must mention Hawaii Beach in Pula. A unique beach with white pebble bay, turquoise sea colors, surrounded by spectacular rock formations and green pine trees, is an absolute dream beach that should not be missed on any vacation in Istria!

Things To Do In Croatia In June

As the sun and sea are inviting you for outdoor activities, June in Croatia is inviting you to try all those water sport activities you ever dream of! Here are a few activities to engage in!

Dubrovnik Old Town Walls – at the top of the list of the best things to do in Dubrovnik. These medieval defensive walls encircle most of the old city and it is approximately 1 940m long. You can enjoy amazing views over the Old Town rooftops and out across the glistening Adriatic Sea.

Mljet Island – is popular among nature lovers. The western third of the island is part of the National Park Mljet. True hidden gem in the southern part of  Croatia. There is a trail that runs around the perimeter of the lakes, making it ideal for walking or mountain biking. When at Mljet, you must visit Odysseus’s Cave which is also a home of Mediterranean monk seals.

Biokovo Skywalk – the glass walkway high up in Biokovo Nature Park offers breathtaking views of the coast, Adriatic and islands, with even distant Italy visible on a clear day. It is located 1228m above sea level.

The Promenade in the St Anthony’s Channel – a promenade  long  about 4.4 kilometres that connects an area extending from Panikovac Cove to the islet of Školjić near St Nicholas’ Fortress. It is good for family holiday walks and sightseeing, organized groups of tourists, recreational running or cycling. At the highest point is the lookout to Šibenik. It overlooks the whole channel and Šibenik’s archipelago. June is the best time to visit this part of Croatia!

Croatia Or Greece In June

Croatia offers uncountable gorgeous beaches, islands, waterfalls, national parks, nightclubs, cathedrals and ancient cities. Greece also! If you are wondering which destination to visit in June, we’ll try to help you. Croatia and Greece have a lot of things in common. They are both Mediterranean countries with similar climates, long coastline and friendly people. They were occupied by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottoman Turks and the Venetians. In fact, ancient Greeks founded a few early settlements on Dalmatian Island. You can find Odysseus cave on the island Mljet! We can agree that both countries have a long and rich history.

Croatia has around 1000 and Greece around 6000 islands and islets. So far numbers are on  Greece’s side? Greek’s island are more inhabited and well connected to the mainland while Croatian islands are less inhabited. But if you like a private atmosphere, you can easily book a private island only for yourself or enjoy Robinsons tourism on the Croatian coast. We won’t compare the beaches because both countries have some of Europe’s best ones. Both countries have so much more to offer than just sea, sun and sand.

Still can’t make your mind? Croatia or Greece in June?  Don’t worry neither could the directors of the Mamma Mia movie, so they filmed it both in Croatia and in Greece!

Sailing In Croatia In June

No wonder that Croatia is one of the world’s most popular sailing destinations. It has the most spectacular scenery, untouched bays and islets, thousands of islands and clear, calm and clean water. The sailing season in Croatia runs from April through mid October. With beautiful weather in June, you can have a good time  sailing through the Adriatic Sea. The water is very pleasant for swimming, while winds are low. June in Croatia marks peak season and prices are starting to go up for yacht charters, but at least it won’t be too crowded. You can rent a few types of vessels in Croatia. For example: sailboats, motorboats, catamarans or gulets. The sailing experience depends on which vessel you choose. If you are unsure what type of vessel to rent, you can always contact a charter agency to recommend you the best option.  Croatia has 56 marinas situated in the cities and in the beautiful island bays in the immediate vicinity of the most interesting natural and cultural attractions. Some of them are located in extremely protected areas. They are for sure safe shelters for boaters and places where all necessary facilities are offered such as restaurants, bars, toilets, showers, parking or shops. The most popular sailing routes  are the Kornati Island, Split and Dubrovnik region. Each of them offers beautiful scenery and crystal clear water. No matter which route you choose, we’re sure you’re going to have a great time sailing in June in Croatia !

Travelling To Croatia In June

Holidays in June in Croatia are ideal for those who want to avoid peak crowds but still want to enjoy its vivid and roush streets. While the sun and the temperatures are way up, the best is to hike. The best places for a hike in Croatia in June are NP Krka, NP Plitvice, NP Paklenica or Premuzić Path. After a hike, you can spend a night in nature and camp at the same place. All water sport enthusiasts will be thrilled with parasailing over the Adriatic for sure. Some of the best parasailing grounds in Croatia are Greda, Motovun, Pecnik, White field and Grobnik. Parasailing  in June in Croatia is perfect because winds make the parachute fly higher. If you find yourself on some of the island, don’t hesitate to try sunset kayaking. Or even night kayaking in the transparent kayaks fitted with led lights. This way you can explore underwater life at night without getting wet. Sounds exciting, right? Another way to explore underworld is snorkeling around many beautiful bays in Croatia in June. 

Water activites sounds good, but we have another great proposition for you: wine tasting. Even though wine tastings are popluar in the late summer or early fall when vines are still weighed down by clusters of grapes, you can use some of your holiday days to visit croatian wineries to try our wines and to taste  traditional food.

Zadar In June

If you’re asking if Zadar is worth visiting in June, then we’ve got the answer: Yes! Zadar is one of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia in June, still relatively undiscovered!  It is rich in history and natural beauty, it has beautiful beaches and islands, but also has a very lively nightlife in June! Lovely and pleasant weather, closeness to all main Croatian attractions makes it an ideal destination and starting point of your holiday adventure. Lot of low budget airlines fly direct to Zadar in June. It is the entry point for the majority of Croatia’s many dance music festivals, such as Hideout Festival or Fresh Island Festival. Popular party destinations like Zrće beach or Tisno are only one hour drive away.

It is not only the surrounding area popular with parties, in Zadar’s city center you can also find party vibes! Every Friday, starting from June, you can wander through old marble streets , and hear typical Dalmatian music on the streets and from many bars and taverns. The alluring smell of Mediterranean cuisine is spreading all over the old town. It is impossible to stay hungry, thirsty or bored in Zadar in June!

For a memorable experience, take a trip with the rowing boatmen of Zadar – barkajol! Zadar’s barkajol is  a 3000 years old tradition. The rowing boatmen take passengers in a little rowing boat across the peninsula to the mainland and back. It surely is a unique experience!

To feel like a local, you can buy some of the homemade lace tablecloths from old women which you can find near Zadar’s old Forum.

When in Zadar, don’t forget to taste world famous liqueur, Maraschino. A drink made from dalmatian sour cherry marasca, which was consumed by Napoleon, Casanova, Albert Hitchcock. It was consumed on the legendary Titanic boat, for the first and the last time unfortunately.

There are plenty of things to do and to visit in June in Croatia. That’s why hurry up and pack your shorts, swimsuit, sunglasses  and sunscreen and let your June in Croatia  adventure begin!

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