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Relax your mind and nourish your body at our Spa and Wellness Center, a place where nature and history came together to create a genuine paradise just for you. Restore your balance, feel harmony and relish the ambiance that has been created to fit the demands of a modern individual. The unique environment, qualified experts, and exquisite amenities of the Spa and Wellness center are ideal for complete rest and energy revitalization. With a variety of spa treatments, massages, and traditional beauty secrets to choose from, our Spa and Wellness Center invites you to indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience in the lap of luxury and comfort.

Relaxation Area

Wellness Rituals

We will spoil your body and mind with natural drinks, fresh fruits and spa treatments tailored to your needs.

Spa and Wellness Center

SPA & Relaxation Area

Discover the water world, unwind in the relaxation area, and feel the soothing warmth of the saunas.

Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio

Modern gym available with equipment for all kinds of endurance trainings.


Croatia Spa Holiday

Switch off. Relax and unwind. Inhale the salty sea breeze while taking in the panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea on a Croatia Spa Holiday. Leave your daily routine behind and enter into the wellness haven on the Adriatic coast. Lush gardens with a variety of fragrant plants and herbs invite you to slow down and be more present in the now. Shady pine trees and long pebble beaches allow peaceful moments of calm reflection. De-stress with spa treatments and consciously concentrate on being on Croatia Spa Holiday stimulating your mind while contemplating wonderful structures and building aesthetics. The relaxing and pleasant environment where careful attention is paid to the most essential aspects of a guest’s stay is something that we truly understand. To experience Croatia Spa Holiday, choose from several types of spa treatments, saunas, hot tubes, and massages to name a few. Live in the present moment! 

SPA and Wellness Center
Relaxation Area


Why Choose Zadar for Wellness and Spa?

Switching off and restoring your batteries is usually much easier in the Mediterranean than at home. With a selection of various treatments, massages, and traditional beauty secrets, many choose Zadar for Wellness and Spa to enjoy a unique experience in comfortable and luxurious surroundings. The combination of the crystal clear sea, scattered islands and islets, plenty of sun, verdant countryside, and ancient monuments in the historical center, but also modern installations such as the world-famous Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun create a beautiful ambiance. For holistic health enthusiasts, Zadar is the right place to enjoy complete seclusion, surrounded by vegetation and the scents of the Dalmatian coast. Visit Hotel Delfin in Zadar for wellness and spa to reward your face and body with nourishing and relaxing treatment. Unwind yourself in hot tubes, and Finnish saunas in an oasis of peace and leisure. 


Gym in Zadar

In addition to a soothing, fragrant environment with Mediterranean scents of lavender buds, immortelle oil, and salt flower, Hotel Delfin has the power of providing serenity and energy. Twist your fitness routine with personal training amenities and available workout essentials a modern gym in Zadar has to offer. Our facilities invite you to re-energize sleek and airy, elegantly appointed surroundings and spa area. We assist you in rediscovering a new, deeper level of your body’s well-being and health by integrating spiritual and physical aspects — through a distinctive ambiance, individual care, and precise programs. Our spacious gym in Zadar is equipped according to the highest standards of body care for resistance, cardio, and endurance training. The finest exercise equipment provides a perfect solution for you to maintain your health regimen whilst on the road. Start your day the right way in our gym!  

Fitness Studio

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